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Why ebikes?

An e-bike is suitable for everyone! Being equipped with innovative, professional and technical accessories, e-bikes are very easy to operate. The Pedelecs (the electric bike pedals) will only support you while you are pedalling. At any time, you will have the opportunity to adjust the e-power of your bike, according to your level of fitness and your desire to pedal! Hence, e-cycling enables people with a range of physical abilities to enjoy cycling together.

Riding a mountain bike (MTB) on asphalt, with its thick tyres, requires a lot of energy, while cycling off-road with a touring bike with slick tyres (tyres with smooth tread) can be rather uncomfortable. We have found the perfect solution! Our e-bikes are a combination of MTBs and Touring Bikes that are suitable for any kind of terrain. Many of our tours include varied landscapes, including off-road cycling on remote trails and relaxed tracks, cruising alongside the coastline. We call this combination route e-MTB trekking. Furthermore, we offer e-cycling tours in the unspoilt natural environment of the Pyrenees. For these mountain tours, we provide high-quality e-MTBs.

What types of ebikes do we provide?

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For tours in difficult outdoor terrains, we use e-MTB with full-suspension (this includes a suspension fork at the front and a rear shock, providing dual suspension). This system ensures a smooth ride, even when riding across uneven surfaces.

The images of the bikes provided are examples of what you can expect to ride during your trail.

How long does the battery last?

battery & charger
Battery description

The battery life of the e-bikes depends on a number of different factors, including:

  • the terrain
  • the rider's physical condition
  • the cycling mode that you choose
  • the combined weight of the rider and luggage

We have designed our tours to ensure that you will have enough battery life for the whole day. So, don’t worry, there is no chance of you running out of battery mid-way through the day! Enjoy it, be happy and smile!

What about when towing an ebike trailer?

ebike trailer
ebike trailer description

Thanks to our electric bikes, it is simple to tow an e-bike trailer behind you on your journey. Thanks to this new technology, we have design special “Pack-Trips” where you are able to pull a trailer with all of your belongings packed inside – you can ride freely and independently! Our trailers are simple and easy to use, strong and durable. They are perfect for all kinds of terrain. Check out what we have to offer in our “e-bike Pack-Trips” section.