e-mountain bike remote holidays

Cycling Experience and Qualifications

Our cycling adventures are for everyone! The beauty of e-cycling is that the electric motor helps you to reach wonderful places that you could never imagine getting to with a normal bike.

e-bikes are suitable for people of varying fitness and experience levels - just like our tours! With an electric bike, you will have the feeling of an uphill push (and for the first time ever, you will enjoy cycling uphill, as much as downhill). In every situation, you can choose how much effort you want to put into pedalling your e-bike. This will give you pure riding enjoyment, as well as the opportunity to push yourself to your limit if you want to, even if you are not a regular rider. e-bikes provide a new concept of cycling for everyone!

With our tours you will find the following two categories:

  • Flat, hilly and steep climbs
  • Curved and some narrow paths, moderate and challenging in parts
  • Long days
  • For trained and experienced riders
    e-MTB touring / trekking:
  • Flat, easy terrain and hilly areas
  • Some moderate stretches in uneven terrain
  • A combination of long and short riding days
  • For recreational and trained riders

For more detailed information about the required experience and fitness levels for our tours, please check out the ‘Character’ section. You can find this information within the detailed descriptions about each of our tours.

ecycling levels

Please note: On tours described as 'Easy to Moderate' you will find a mixture of both easy and moderate route sections. The same applies to our 'Moderate to Challenging' tours.

1 Wheel

Easy: Mainly flat terrain, gentle rides on asphalt and off-road routes in good conditions. Cycling holidays for everyone. No particular level of fitness required.

2 Wheels

Easy to Moderate: Some flat and some hilly sections with a variety of terrains that are mainly easy to ride. Some longer days are included. Suitable for most ages and levels of fitness. Previous cycling experience is recommended to get the most out of this tour.

3 Wheels

Moderate: Variety of terrain with flat and curved sections, uphill rides and some long days. Requires a moderate level of fitness. Suitable for recreational and trained cyclists.

4 Wheels

Moderate to Challenging: Mainly long cycling days in all kinds of terrains. Some challenging sections. Hills, difficult climbs and technical downhill stretches. Requires a good level of fitness. Best for trained and experienced riders.

5 Wheels

Challenging: Different kinds of trails, roads and tracks. Steep climbs and short walks in difficult terrains, sometimes carrying the e-bike. Long daily distances. Requires an advanced level of fitness and mountain bike experience.

At present, we do not currently offer any challenging tours.


We strongly recommend baggage insurance (e.g. against damage, theft and loss) plus accident, recovery, repatriation and liability insurance. A health insurance valid within the European Union, which includes cycling accidents, is a prerequisite for participation in one of our e-cycling programmes.

To participate in any of our programmes we require valid international health insurance. All members of the European Union are automatically covered, but you will need to obtain the European health insurance card (known as the E111 card). Please discuss this with your insurance company.

If you have private health insurance, it must be valid for European countries.

All guests whose permanent residence is outside the European Union must provide proof of worldwide health insurance.

Minimum / Maximum number of participants

For Self-guided Tours we require a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 8 participants.

For Guided Tours 4 to 12 participants are required: We ride in small groups. If you will be travelling alone, it is not a problem! Some of our guests are single travellers and are keen to meet like-minded people on their e-cycling holiday. You can choose to sleep in a single room or share a twin-room with another rider.

Cycling time on the ebike

It depends on the rider´s condition, the amount of energy you put in and typically whether the terrain is mountainous or flat. We cannot therefore give you exact timings but is usually around 3-6 hours per day.

eRider's Weight

The amount of battery needed to power your e-bike depends also on the weight of the rider. In order to provide you with the right equipment we will need to know your weight in advance.

Young ebikers & Families

Now it is possible to go on tour with the whole family! Our e-bikes will ensure that the youngsters are able to keep up with the adults. The effort that the children need to put in is much less than with a normal bike. For the younger ones, it is a pleasure to ride with an e-bike and they are sure to enjoy riding alongside the older and more experienced members of the group!

Accompanied by an adult, all children can come along (depending on the level of the tour) and join us on an e-cycling holiday. The youngsters should have good cycling skills and some biking experience.

Prior agreement must be obtained from ebike Panorama Tours. Anyone over 18 years of age can join our e-cycling holidays without being accompanied by an adult. Please note that on our Family Electric Bike Holiday programme, the ewheels Adventures Tour is available from the age of 0 to 99. Babies on board are most welcome!