Please note: On tours described as 'Easy to Moderate' you will find a mixture of both easy and moderate route sections. The same applies to our 'Moderate to Challenging' tours.

1 Wheel

Easy: Mainly flat terrain, gentle rides on asphalt and off-road routes in good conditions. Cycling holidays for everyone. No particular level of fitness required.

2 Wheels

Easy to Moderate: Some flat and some hilly sections with a variety of terrains that are mainly easy to ride. Some longer days are included. Suitable for most ages and levels of fitness. Previous cycling experience is recommended to get the most out of this tour.

3 Wheels

Moderate: Variety of terrain with flat and curved sections, uphill rides and some long days. Requires a moderate level of fitness. Suitable for recreational and trained cyclists.

4 Wheels

Moderate to Challenging: Mainly long cycling days in all kinds of terrains. Some challenging sections. Hills, difficult climbs and technical downhill stretches. Requires a good level of fitness. Best for trained and experienced riders.

5 Wheels

Challenging: Different kinds of trails, roads and tracks. Steep climbs and short walks in difficult terrains, sometimes carrying the e-bike. Long daily distances. Requires an advanced level of fitness and mountain bike experience.

At present, we do not currently offer any challenging tours.