cycling trip catalonia

Bicycle Helmet

Cycling helmets are lightweight which means they are comfortable to wear even in hot weather. We have only a limited supply of basic helmets to rent so we advise that you do bring your own wherever possible.

Cycling Footwear

A pair of comfortable hiking shoes / sneakers with good grip is important even though most of the time you will be e-cycling. Cycling shoes are not needed as our e-bikes do not have clipless pedals.

Cycling Trousers

Cycling trousers will ensure you are comfortable for long hours in the seat of your e-bike. Also, any kind of trousers you feel comfortable to ride in are also suitable. Two pairs of trousers are usually sufficient.

Cycling gloves

Bicycle gloves protect your hands from blisters, so you may wish to wear gloves while riding.

Important Extras

Each rider will be provided with an e-bike bag, in which you can stow personal items to take with you. For quick access, a bum bag / fanny-pack will prove useful, in which you can put your phone or camera, for example. A small zoom lens will ensure that the most beautiful memories are captured to take home with you after your trip! Make sure you do not forget additional batteries and the battery charger for your camera.

Personal care products (towels are usually provided in the accommodation).

For the pack-trips where you will carry all of your belongings with you, we recommend that you just bring the essential items that you will need for the tour.

A headtorch could be useful but is not essential.

Please remember to bring a water bottle (1L) with you for daily filling and transport!

Plastic bags can protect your personal belongings from water damage caused by rain or river crossings even though our e-bike bags are waterproof.

Sun protection is especially important! We recommend that you also have a small bottle of sunscreen to use during the day so that you can top-up your sun protection at any time.

An insect repellent is also recommended. It should be noted that some agents have a particularly high proportion of DEET and the handling of a spray or a pen is often more pleasant than is the case with a lotion.

Medical Kit

It is advisable to travel with a small medical kit that includes any basic remedies you may need such as antacids, painkillers, anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen, homeopathy, antihistamines and cold and flu remedies. It might be wise to take anti-diarrhoea medication such as Imodium with you as well. If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses you might want to bring some spares with you.

Hot weather

You will need long sleeved shirts to protect against the sun as well as a couple of cotton t- shirts.

Remember that the Spanish (especially mountain) sun is strong and you can burn quickly. Wide brimmed hats are preferable to baseball caps for sun protection during picnics. Both sunglasses (an elastic is useful to keep them in place whilst riding) and a good quality sunscreen (rated SPF15 or higher) should be used, including lip salve. For the fair-skinned it may be wise to bring a complete sun-block with you.

A pair of flip flops and swimming gear for when you get a chance to relax. It may get chilly in the evening even on hot days, so a fleece is necessary, and a lightweight jacket may be useful.

You should expect all kinds of weather in any season and on any tour! A waterproof rain jacket will not take up much space but can prove very useful during an unexpected downpour!

Winter ecycling / Cold weather

For tours where the weather may be inclement, it is vital that you pack correct clothing to keep you warm and dry. Silk vests and thermal underwear will provide a good base-layer, followed by layers of warm clothing. A good waterproof / windproof coat will be a good investment for the trip. Waterproof trousers and waterproof gloves are light to pack and will be invaluable if it is really wet. Plenty of socks and a spare pair of shoes are also a good idea.


Please do not forget to bring your travel insurance documents with you. That way, in case of medical assistance, a quick settlement with your insurance company will be possible.